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Need Help Looking for Artist [Paid]


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Looking to commission an artist to draw up equipment that conform to the LPC character sheets https://sanderfrenken.github.io/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/#?body=Humanlike_white&weapon=Thrust_spear&shadow=Shadow_shadow&sex=male


- Looking for full "sets" of armor (head/chest/legs/feet) as well as weapons/shields. (do not intend to pay for partial armor sets, sorry)

- Only looking for paperdolls for the corresponding animations from the LPC spritesheet: casting (row 1-4), walking (row 9-12), slashing (row 13-16). Not going to mess with the "thrust", may implement bows at a later date.

- Will pay extra for recolor/reshades because while I could figure it out, I have plenty of other stuff to work on!

- Typical RPG/roguelike, but open to let you explore your own ideas and creativity! (Below is more information about the project to see if it fits your niche)

- Ideally would like a variety of assets to "fit" the class roles within the project.


Project Information:

Project name: Velodia

Engine: Intersect! :)
Current Staff: Solo currently. I have checkpoints along the roadmap that I intend to engage and actively recruit additional help.
Utilizing LPC character sheets and the tilesets from Szadi Art: https://szadiart.itch.io/rpg-worlds-ancient-forest
I have been working on architecture of game systems (equipment, class, progression, crafting, etc) and design. Moving into developing proof of concept for key components. After that, I intend to run a closed alpha from a community of 2d rpg gamers from my past. While that goes and I build a laundry list from there, I'll work on establishing hosting, website, etc.  (if you wear hats in these spaces as well, feel free to mention/name-drop and I'll reach out closer to that time! likely will pay then as well). 

The vision I have for the game itself is an mmorpg that nurtures a tight-knit player community with a suite of events and feedback loops that let people pick their flavor. PvP, dungeon, crafting, theorycrafting builds, etc.
This is a passion project that i'm putting my own money into because I find it incredibly fulfilling to world build and bring to life a world I envision based on my gaming experiences.  Ultimately the goal is to bring the game to the niche 2D MMO market. 

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