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Shop Bug? or Item Bug? (7+)



This strange bug/error has has been haunting me for the longest time and might have to do with old items.

Version: 7.0.124 - 7.0.126
Error Description: Shops Display Wrong Stats on Equipment Items. (Items displayed correctly after purchase)

1. At first it would show +2 attack on all items that had 0 for their attack stats.Β  (So all Armours showed +2 Attack that had no Attack Stat bonus)
2. After changing the the Currency Item that was needed to buy the item, it now showed +1 Defense on all Equipment Items if it had 0 for the stat. (So all weapons now showed +1 Def)
3. After changing the Currency Item once more, it finally displays all stats correctly. The only change made was adding a new item. (Bug has since re-appeared)


I tried to see if any differences caused this bug and nothing did, which leads me to assume it may be an item bug. (I have been migrating since before Intersect 6.0.)

I have temporary solved the issue as mentioned above, though I am not sure what else this might effect.

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