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Video Tutorial Fast - Puting More Slots on Inventary


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Add More Slots on Inventory 

Hi i'm ur friend Luk. 

I'm making online game with Intersect Engine and I am gonna record my progress likes diary to organize and process informations. 


So for this alteration you have to access engine directory =

/Intersect Engine/resource/

and open config.json 


Changes in Player line the phrase likes "maxinventory" or "inventoryslots". your default is 35 so put the value tha you want.

If you wanna know more tutorials like this, send me message for asks and check my other post videos!

I have my fishing system on Intersect Engine for my game Blood In Pixels, we searching for new players soon. 
This video contains a tutorial step by step to create the fishing system.

I have some intersect GUI editions and later i will record more! 




#Gamedev #game #onlinegame #gamemaker #designer #gm #intersectengine

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