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Creating your own assets with Pixilart


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A little while ago I was having major difficulties making my own assets in MS Paint, mostly because I couldn't have a transparent background. However, the problem was easily solved by using Pixelart instead. Now I can place my assets anywhere and not have to worry.



I've been using it to create all my own tiles as I need them. By tomorrow or the day after, I will have decorated and furnished my first house! You can set the canvas size to any number of pixels you want, but I start with 32x32 because that is one tile, and expand the canvas as needed. I've found it easy enough to use and it might be useful to other people here who want to have a go at doing their own graphics.


I'm not sure if this is an appropriate program for making sprites and animation sequences as well, or even what canvas size I'd need to do those things? If anyone knows please tell me because I'd love to have a try at it.


I wanted to bring this website to everyones attention because it allows me to be creative, and it is a free to use tool. You don't need to download it either, it runs in the browser, you only download your work when you're ready to save it.


This is an example of a tileset I created today for the bedrooms:




and for the bathroom:



Flooring and wallpaper:eb54442dcafd3178d0f70a9570817603.png

for outside:



this one is just for paths, so just cobblestone:



and, this one I might re-do, because the tiny bricks ones don't work properly, but the rest of the set does. I made this one in paint because it was one of my early ones, but apart from the tiny bricks it does work okay:


Anyone who wants to is welcome to use my tiles. I just wanted to show you the kind of stuff I've been making, and the program I have used to do it.




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