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Best method, doors you can't shoot through and NPCs can't walk through

Aken Bosch


NPCs and projectiles do not seem to respect whether an event is passable or not? I'm trying to create a door here.


Creation is quite straightforward: Create an event with two pages, one for closed and one for open door state. The door works fine and it blocks the player correctly depending on whether the event is set passable or not. But NPCs don't seem to respect passable? The problem I'm having is if this event based door is closed, not only can I shoot through it with projectiles, but also NPCs can walk through it. Any tips?

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Unfortunately, events simply exist in their own plane of existence. Only players go by their rules, as each event is instanced for every player.

Any other entity will have no knowledge of them and likely will never have.


For NPCs you could probably do an NPC avoid, but that would mean they can never get through it and projectiles I can't really come up with a solution for as it stands.

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