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Need Help [paid] Looking for sprites and GUI to make my project be faster to launch...


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Project: World Piece online(or just Pirates i dont know how much problem that "piece" can bring :S)


Built with Intersect Engine.


Geral progress: Base game created by me in another engine(byond) then i'm just porting major part of things and remake some of them better than before, planning almost finished since older project.

Intersect Port Progress :

- First island:90%

-Other islands: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) 

- First quest 90%

-Other Quests: 0% (already defined just don,t started yet)

- Classes: 100% (8 skills each)

- Devil Fruit system: 100%

- Devil Fruit skills: 25% (already defined and toons of skill icons just don,t started yet to code)

- Ships and navigation: 70%

- Ships and navigation Combat: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet)

- items: 5%

- Gold Currency: 100%

- Cash Currence: 50%

- Events: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet)

- Faction: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet)

- Faction Ranks: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) 


Current Staff : ME(programming, trying to map and create icons the best way i can and planning game history, progression, distribution and monetization)


I'm looking for volunteers but if you make a good price we can talk(i'm Brazilian then anything you want just plis just do  "amount/5" like Dolar/real relation  :S)


   - Im looking some one that uses my base icon or give-me a better base icon and make one piece character itens with paperdols ex: aces hat, shanks cloak etc...

   - Im looking some one that create a pirate based GUI but it needs to bet amazing enough to get original interface from intersect that is beatfull and polished.

Ty guys s2


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