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intersect on Android almost fixed


Hello to the whole team..

We are working hard to fix the transfer from intersect to android...
Now my questions are:

-Pass the client using monogame android, how much would you estimate the work would take?

-for the moment the file system needs to be adapted to android, the controls too, I don't know if the gui system

- We were able to pass all the libraries to standard net, if you are interested I will send them to you

-Yesterday the server was made to run in net core, but it is throwing connection error, but changing it to core would imply performance increases (Apparently it is necessary to configure some kind of password or something ...)

-From already thank you very much! Our project has already been online for several months and with many players!
But many demand android and we are working on that!

From now many thanks and greetings!

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I think you're in mostly uncharted territory here man. I'm not sure any of us have done this.


My guess is it would require a complete rewrite of a lot of the client code and networking and won't be a simple task. Hard to put a time unit on as I have never tried to make mono work on Android. I know there's people working on a Unity version for themselves, that might be your best bet as to people to talk to regarding this.


(And as a side note, that also sounds far from done.)

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