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Check if entity is dead or not




I've little trouble


I've change the death system on Intersect.


I've add a new trigger type, now i've "On Respawn" and "On death" trigger.

My triggers work fine, I can now make a respaw system a bit like World of Warcraft, with cemeteries etc.


My character no longer automatically teleports to the respawn point of classes, (so he stays there), that life does not recover 100% when he dies, etc.

So currently, I have succeeded perfectly in doing:

A "when dead" trigger
A potion of resurrection
A system to automatically change the player's respawn point relative to the map where he is located (like cemeteries)

I only encounter 2 major concerns in my changes:
- When the player is considered dead, he can always be attacked, buff, dot etc.

So I would like to know if in the code, there is a function like "if target IsDead" to refuse that players can send him a spell.
The second problem is that I mainly made this change too to be able to create a resurrection spell, so I would need a check box in the spells, which can say "If the target is dead then spell ok"


I also use the event system to check if the player is dead or not, to trigger certain events (such as hold the player) The problem is that I thought suddenly, create the spell of resurrections via an event system (Add 5 hp, realease etc ..) But I realized that the event type spell is executed for the player he uses, and not on the target :/


I'll try to create a new status type like stun etc.. but named "Death" but i don't think it's work..


Any idea ?


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