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How do I publish my game?



Hello I have 2 questions :
1 . How to publish my game and that people can connect without modifying the files of the game or have access to the editor? 
2 . How do I make one person access to my game’s editor and also be a developer?

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1. Inside the Client Folder, Select the Resources folder, The Intersect Client.pbd, and the IntersectClient.exe. Pack it into an archive & send to whoever you want.

2. Inside the game, press Insert. Type the character name of the person you want as developer in the top text box. In the middle of the overlay, set their access to moderator/admin. The other person just logs into the editor with the same login details as the client.


I also would suggest getting an updater service if you want to add new stuff into your game and not have to redistribute the game everytime to everyone. http://www.patchkit.net/ Is what i use

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