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Stop Attack Animation while moving?



Has anyone attempted to block the attacking animation from starting while walking or is this a engine limitation at the moment? There already seems to be a check for a If moving  = then just walk. I have attempted to add !IsMoving in a few sections below but seems to not stop the attack animation completely.


Thank you.


 SpriteAnimation = AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Idle] != null && LastActionTime + TimeBeforeIdling < Globals.System.GetTimeMs() ? SpriteAnimations.Idle : SpriteAnimations.Normal;
            if (IsMoving)
                SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Normal;
                LastActionTime = Globals.System.GetTimeMs();
            else if (AttackTimer > Globals.System.GetTimeMs()) //Attacking
                var timeIn = CalculateAttackTime() - (AttackTimer - Globals.System.GetTimeMs());
                LastActionTime = Globals.System.GetTimeMs();

                if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Attack] != null)
                    SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Attack;
                    SpriteFrame = (int)Math.Floor((timeIn / (CalculateAttackTime() / 3f)));


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