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Atk and def balancing



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I don't know about a tutorial, but I ended up creating a spreadsheet in google sheets to help me balance my game. You can take a look if you'd like.


I set my formulas to the following:


PhysicalDamage: "((A_Attack + BaseDamage) + ((ScalingStat * ScaleFactor) *2) - V_Defense)",

MagicDamage: "((A_AbilityPwr + BaseDamage) + ((ScalingStat * ScaleFactor)*2) - V_MagicResist)",

TrueDamage: "BaseDamage"


And then I built  a spreadsheet around them. The spreadsheet shows weapons and abilities, and how much damage they do if the player uses them on an enemy monster, and how much damage a monster using them on the player would do. It calculates everything perfectly, and I can rely on this to know how much damage players and enemies do in-game. It will even allow you to edit Player level, player equipment, enemy level, and enemy type. You can view the spreadsheet using the link below, but remember that you can only edit the parts in purple.


As it stand right now, a level 1 player can damage up to a level 3 monster, but level 4 and 5 have armor too thick for a level 1 player unless they are using the best weapons in the game.



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