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Last master build issues with MonoMusicSource.cs



In the new Master update, when i try to merge "upstream/master" into the "master" branch as i normally try to do, it says i have conflicting files in MonoMusicSource and another when i never changed anything in said classes previously... why is it asking me to do this if i never touched it?


when i tried resolving it manually, i just get other errors. is there a proper way of doing it manually?

here just one example:


        private static SoundEffect Load([NotNull] VorbisReader vorbisReader)
<<<<<<< HEAD
            var sampleRate = vorbisReader.SampleRate;
            var sampleBuffer = new float[sampleRate];
            var dataBuffer = new byte[vorbisReader.TotalSamples << 2];
            int samplesRead, dataIndex = 0;
            var buffers = 3;
            var samples = 44100;
            var updateRate = 10;
>>>>>>> upstream/master

            var stopwatch = Stopwatch.StartNew();
            while (0 != (samplesRead = vorbisReader.ReadSamples(sampleBuffer, 0, sampleRate)))



sometimes the head doesnt even have anything in it... i must be doing something else wrong


<<<<<<< HEAD
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media;
>>>>>>> upstream/fixing-music-looping-again



EDIT: also occuring in Server/PacketSender.cs

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