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Can't Open Client: "The resources directory could not be found!"



Hey, I just got the email last night that the Ascension source code is on GitHub. So I followed the link and downloaded the code. After extracting the zip, I opened the solution in Visual Studio 2017. I restored the Nuget packages and built the project.


I was able to open the server in /build/debug/server. But when I navigate to /build/debug/client or /build/debug/editor and open the corresponding .exe, I get an error "The resources directory could not be found! Intersect will now close." 


I saw that there was a Resources folder in /Intersect.Client -- so I copied all the folders from /Intersect.Client and pasted them into /build/debug/client to see what would happen. Now the client opens, but it is just a solid black box.



Any help in getting this to work correctly would be very much appreciated. 





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