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Need Help Grand Beasts Recruitment


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Hello & Welcome to the Grand Beasts Recruitment Thread!


My game is using the Intersect BETA 6.1 Engine, but we have barely gotten started on making the game. We are firstly perfecting our concept, and then building a team around a passion for the concept. So, if the information you see here interests you, please feel free to apply.


Open Positions (Volunteer)

  • Mapper(s)
  • Pixel Artist(s)
  • Developer(s)


I would love to have a Co-Administrator by my side in the future, but this position will be earned, so by joining now, you can start working towards helping me lead this awesome project!


Project Information

I have a very detailed thread of my project as a central place for my thoughts and ideas, and if you become part of the team, this will also become your home base for all your work and updates! Please read the post and ensure you have a passion for my project before applying. 

Apply Now

To apply, please copy and paste the below format and comment or message me via the AGD Forums. I would be glad to review your application and determine if you're fit for the team.




Discord Tag: 




Why are you interested in my project?


Share projects or examples of your work below:




Thank you so much for your interest! Remember that this is a volunteer position, and that this game does not have any funding besides what comes out of my own pocket. As soon as our team has a plan, we will begin active development on the game. We will use Discord for our Point of Contact.

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