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How can i increase the size of the textbox?



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1 hour ago, TUGADJ said:


Event textbox


Go to:

Client and Editor\resources\gui\layouts\game


Then open one of the below in notepad++ and edit the file for the textbox size and such. Each one of the below 1, 2, 3 or 4 represents the amount of text buttons for the response from the player:

  • EventDialogWindow_1Response.json
  • EventDialogWindow_2Response.json
  • EventDialogWindow_3Response.json 
  • EventDialogWindow_4Response.json

They each have components called:



The EventDialogArea(s) have parameters called bounds in the format:

<Bounds>X, Y, W, H</Bounds>.


The Y value is how far from the top of the window the dialog area is at.  The H value is the height of the area. 


You should be able to lower the Y value to make the chat area move upward, and increase the H to make it taller.


Here is more help if needed: 


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