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How many points are you giving to Telasia?  

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  1. 1. How many points are you giving to Telasia?

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Heillow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


As you all know, Games section has been released a few ago, and so a few games as well. I thought that, as I am curious and test all games(and I think everybody here making a game should be), it would be nice if we make a "review topic" for all the games so others can read it and maybe someone wants to give them a try. So... Lets go!


First of all, here I let the rules of the points "policy":


- This is YOUR OPINION. We are not supposed to agree or disagree, we can have a total different opinion about the game and it will be totally fine. Feel free to share your opinion in this thread.


- Even when the games are public, most part are still in development, so the qualification will be followed for a date. A game can be reviewed again in the future and qualification may change in time, so keep the date in mind when reading the review of a game.


- Each game will get a qualification between 0 and 100(inclusive) where 0 points means "worst game I have ever seen in my whole life someone must get fired for that" and 100 points means "omg this is the best shit I have ever tried make me a baby please". The qualification specifications are the following:


- First 10 points will qualify graphic content(amount of graphic resources, if the resources are 100% custom or not, if it keeps a style or not... etc)

- Next 10 points will qualify GUI(if it's the default one, how it looks... etc)

- Next 10 points will qualify sound effects + soundtracks(if there are music & sounds or not, if they are 100% custom or not, if I think they fit ok where they sound or not... etc)

- Next 40 points will qualify game experience:

     - 10 points for immersion

     - 10 points for game extension

     - 10 points for how the game drives the player(so we know what to do, where to go... etc)

     - 10 points for ammount of possibilities(i.e if the player can do many different things or if he is condemned to walk for the forest forever killing mushrooms and slimes until he dies of boredom)

- Last 30 points will qualify my own experience playing the game:

     - 10 points for how much fun did you have playing

     - 20 points for your global opinion about the game


- Please, before voting, write a post with your review.



What I'll do is to propose a game each week. We all will have 1 week to test the game and rate it. I'll make public the average score and when we rated that game. For example:


Zuper Duper Dragon Ball Fangame with Pets and Guilds and Dash2.0 no JCs allowez - 99 average points (2018/11/28 - 2018/12/05)


Also, we are only reviewing games which have a public section inside the games section and which are online at the momment I'm proposing them. Let's begin!



Currently reviewing:

Telasia (2018/12/05 - 2018/12/12)


Reviewed games:

No games reviewed at the momment.


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