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Dev Blog 02/15/2016 - Event Editor Round 3 (Bringing Commands To Life)

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Event Editor Round 3 (Bringing Commands To Life)

Dev Blog 02/15/2016


Conditional branches... the worst event commands by far are done and working in the Event Editor.


Another feature I haven't mentioned yet (but just got done implementing) is a new way to handle event spawning conditions. Instead of a list of 3-4 predefined options (see below) we now have a dynamic list of as many conditions that you want.

Old Event Spawning Conditions:


New Event Spawning Conditions:


In my past event system you could give/take items and spells but if the players inventory was full and they couldn't take the item there would be to way to know if it was given or not. Or if you tried to take an item that they didn't have, you wouldn't know if you took it or if they just dropped it so they wouldn't lose it to be picked right back up again after the event ended.

Now things are changing :D.  The 'Change Items' and 'Change Spells' events are now conditional, where you can define what you want to happen based on if those commands run successfully or not :P



As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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