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Dev Blog 11/03/2015 - Projectile Editor


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Projectile Editor

Dev Blog 11/03/2015


Allow me to introduce the projectile editor that will be a small segment of the combat system to come: The projectile editor. Both spell casts and weapons will create projectiles, however I decided to advance the regular projectile system from what most users are used to. Right now you can only see the editor, but from the editor I can describe what the projectile behaviours will be like in game:


Ok lets start, I decided to improve on old image system used for projectiles in the past and decided to link them to the animation system. (Yes you now can have animated projectiles aswell as fixed images). Next are the standard options such as projectile speed and range in tiles which is all self explanatory. Now it gets interesting, I now introduce a spawn delay and a quantity property, this means after firing the initial projectile after a spawn delay another projectile can be fired up to the quantity specified! This can help create some cool laser beam effects or even just waves of projectiles. 2 options have been introduced, one is being a homing projectile that is pretty self explanatory and the other is the 'auto-rotate' function, which is a checkbox asking if you wish to rotate the animation in the direction of fire, depending what the graphic is rotation may or may not be required.

Finally, the part I'm most hyped about. Do you see that weird grid at the bottom? Those are all spawn locations for projectiles and their direction of travel which has now moved up from 4 directions to 8. Green represents a confirmed spawn location, this will allow you guys to make interesting new types of spells to help diversify your gameplay.

Note: Projectiles will also be able to interact with resources assuming the spell/weapon tool is the same as the resource's, this can create some cool features as you now can turn on and off weather resources are walkable or not in either dead or alive state.

I wish I could show you this in action in the game, however its still in a massive WIP. I hope you guys understand and are excited as I am for this small part of what is coming for combat.

As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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