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Dev Blog 02/13/2016 - Event Editor Design Updates


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Event Editor Design Updates

Dev Blog 02/13/2016


I have created one event system in the past for the Eclipse engines, and that was a major success. Not because it was efficient or worked well, but because it displayed how large of an impact such a system has on any game. If you want advanced dialogue, puzzles, special effects etc a system like this is the first stop when you don't know how to code or scripting is unavailable.

This time around I am trying to correct the flaws in my previous design and I am starting from the ground-up not using any code from the past. The first step to designing this system is creating the interface you all will use to interact with it. The problem is providing all of the options required without turning this one system into development hell. Everyone should feel uneasy looking at my previous design.

This time around we are getting smarter, for example, in the list of possible event commands we stopped using individual buttons and used a list. This looks better, cuts the amount of code we have to write, and makes adding new options easier.


Instead of bloating the form with all the configuration windows, we are learning how to isolate them in their own design and code files.



When this is done, the system will be easier to debug, easier to improve upon, and cleaner to the user.Β  Now that the design has been planned out a bit, finishing it up and making it work will come quickly... much quicker than the first time around for sure!

Tacking on the fact that the move route editor has been designed and is now working.


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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