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[Asking] For resources


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((Hello guys, i would like to know if someone as time to creat an medieval ui ?

I explain !

Something dark and evey asset can be moove !
 ( If the project could too hard explain me how to moove it i know there is .xml file, but i dont know what to do with);

(I want also some sneaky animations for rogue, warrior, paladin, mage, priest etc..

I used photophiltre for paint, but all is time...);


Be my friend !! :* 



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You should put waaaay more detail in your post if you want people to help you out. What is the style? Do you have some examples of your in game assets? What do you mean every asset can be moved? Etc, etc. 


You can also try and look online to find a cool GUI you might like! 


Good luck!

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I think you should learn how to spell :p


Jk lmao. I found a really good way to make dark assets is to use normal assets that are standard and given to you by the standard resources, and then recolour them in Paint 3D (keeps transparency) to make them dark. :P

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