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Dev Blog 07/23/2015 - Character Creation


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Character Creation

Dev Blog 07/23/2015


From the title you've guessed it, I finnished adding character creation for Intersect today and I'm posting a dev blog entry! Until now, accounts were created simply with a username, password and email. Character statistics were assigned by default for testing purposes. Now I've gone back and added character creation. This form of character creation is simple, It allows the user to name their character alongside assigning a class, gender and sprite. All feilds are assigned via the class editor which was completed a few days ago. Below is a screenshot of the character creation menu.

Character creation is very simple right now, We want to encorrage more advanced character creations which include allowing users to customize their characters with different skin colours, hair styles etc. However, we realised that this will not apply to everyone as the majority of the community will be using premade graphics such as RPGMAKER that don't support this sort of feature. Thus we realised its not essential for the main engine. We plan to go back after the release and release a more sophisticated character creation as a optional source tutorial enabling the engine to be more diverse for various users with various needs.

Content/Show Off


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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