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Dev Blog 07/05/2015 - Return of Resources


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Return of Resources

Dev Blog 07/05/2015


Its been a while since I've posted a dev blog and so after completing and integrating the resource editor with the map editor today I thought I'd announce this alongside showing you all a screenshot of the editor. The way how it works is very similar to resources in other engines such as eclipse origins. There are a few modified features including multiple drops of different rarities, a range of random spawning health, on death animations and being able to walk through resources depending on the state. Rather than manually extracting graphics from tilesets and making their own separate folder full of exactly the same graphics we decided it was time for the resource editor to now load its graphics from tilesets!

As for updates regarding Map NPC's I'm proud to say everything is pretty much working, NPC's now perform all of their actions such as target foes and fight or walk around randomly whereas before they just spawned on the map and that was that. The code was originally there, written by JC however after fixing a few bugs together and rewriting some code we were able to finally get it working. NPC's now also take into consideration NPC avoid tiles!

We hope to get more updates out soon! This is only part 1 of the resource system, I'll post part 2 when they're fully integrated to actually do something with the players.

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As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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