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Dev Blog 06/26/2015 - Npc Spawning Progress


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Npc Spawning Progress

Dev Blog Jun. 26th 2015

Short Summary

Along with a few small bug fixes, I have started working on the addition of map NPCs. Map NPCs are currently a work in progress as only the code for the editor has been made with an all new interesting way of handling Map NPC spawning as shown in the image below.

Complete Update

NPC spawns can either be random or declared by their co-ordinates. NPC spawns are no longer attributes so it is possible to spawn NPCs on top of each other and on top of other attributes. This is also very slightly faster for processing by the server since there is no scanning the map tiles to find if a declared NPC spawn exists. This is neglible for small projects, however if your project ever goes big every little helps, especially if you have a few thousand maps containing 15+ NPCs with a lot of daily traffic.

The main bug fix I will focus on in this article is fixing the Z-Dimension. During development, we never thought about the possibility of logging out whilst on the 2nd layer. Before you would just be reset to the 1st layer when logging in, so you would spawn underneath the bridge that took you 5 minutes to get up to! Now your Z-Dimension is saved server side so you wont be reset after your long climb of the mountain if you logged out on a bridge!

Content/Show Off


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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