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Dev Blog 6/23/2015 - Map Attributes/Z-Dimension Working


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Map Attributes/Z-Dimension Working

Dev Blog June. 23rd 2015

Short Summary

I've started to add map attributes to the map editor. Now it is possible to select an attribute other than block! Currently I've only done the form work for most of the attributes we plan to include in Intersect. Only a few attributes actually do somthing at this point!

Complete Update

Attributes that are fully implanted:

  • Blocks
  • Items
  • The New Z-Dimension Attribute (We will cover this in more detail later...)
  • Warps

Attributes that are planned to be added, (Form work is there, just no code because the system it would apply for is currently non-existant):

  • NPC Avoid
  • NPC Spawn
  • Resources

Any other attribute you can reference from previous engines such as eclipse, have been deemed unessesary by myself and JC as with our new and improved event system they're extremely redundant. Our powerful event system enables such old attributes to be handled aswell as customised to fit the users needs rather than being single 1 dimensional attributes.

Now for the interesting part, The brand new Z-Dimension that no engine before has provided. What we mean by introducing a 3rd dimension is enabling the players to be able to walk on different layers on the map depending on how high the player is above the ground. A great example of how this works is enabling the player to be able to walk under a bridge and over a bridge from all angles. New options have been added in this attribute to block players on certain levels above the ground so the player can't just walk onto the cliff from underneath the bridge. I've included a small video showing how this works in practice.

Content/Show Off


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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