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Guards and C#?



I want to put in a simple flagging system that will trigger guards to attack players.
ive been looking through the documentation but i see nothing on adding in C# scripts...
only problem is adding it to the database table and into the actual handlers...
essentially a player attacks another their name will turn black... and have a 30 minite timer till it sets it back to the default color if they kill said player it will add a "Murdercount".
5 murdercounts = red. (Permenantly)
4 or less there is a timer that will lower the number by 12 hours ingame time.

Red or black guards will attack a player in a safe map.

Full loot drop on
any zone out side a town is unsafe.
I want pvp to have a penalty :)
Let me know this is definitely the best engine ive seen "unity engine" is alright but "Intersect Engine" is exactly what i want!

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