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Need Help Skill Trade: Need SFX - Providing Anime Portraits


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EDIT: I've found a composer. If that falls through I'll reopen this position. I still need a SFX designer.


Hai all! I'm making a Dragon Quest fan game, and I'm looking for a composer/sound designer to join the team. This is to make ALL of the OST and SFX.


I'm not looking for any style in particular, but I'm a fan of prominent melody lines and synth stuff. Maybe like something from the SNES-era, although not required. ^^ Just show me what you've got. Here's an example of Sugiyama's music, though, in case someone wants to emulate it~ I'm not the biggest fan of his compositions overall, but this one I love (and getting someone who can emulate it would make the game more "true to the series")



In return I'd like to provide face/bust artwork for whatever you need (I may can pay a little later, but I'm disabled and had to move recently and money is tight right now). My styles are anime-like, and I can't really draw anything outside of things that look Japanese animation-like. Here's an example.




The team is extremely lax by the way! So no hard deadlines. Just a fun hobby project. So you won't feel pressured to hurry or whatever! All our assets are going to be made from scratch, so it'll take us time anyway. <3 Thank you for looking and if interested, reply here with music examples or PM me. Whatever works best for you.


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