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[PHP] Caranille - ORPG Maker


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Hi everybody,

Sorry for my english but i'm french ^^

I want to present my engine for make RPG (Or ORPG) on your website. This project has 5 years old (Yes it's an old project ^^)

Caranille it's for make an Text RPG, with it you can create:

-An unique story

-Many monsters

-Items (Weapon, Armor, gloves etc...)



-Chat with other player

-An private message

I have added the multilanguage with an file who contain every words of the engine.

If you want to downloaded it you can at this link:


Actually i don't have screenshoot because my official website is down (I have forget to buy the domaine ^^)

Regards everybody

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Looks interesting dude, care to make a small tutorial for beginners of where to start? Also if you could show screenshots or a video in action that would be super cool since very few people have seen one in action ;). This interests me a lot since I made a very basic one using php and mysql databases a few years ago. I will take the time to check this out.

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I guys,

You can test it on this link


But the language is in French :P, if you can read French you can test it ;)

And for the futur i want to recrut an people for help me, i want an personn who is capable to translate the project into English because i have translate it but it's not in an good english :P (Thanks google Translate ^^)


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For tour question the answer is no. Its for make an text RPG with juste an picture

Exemple an picture for the monster the weapon the player etc...

I dont use javascript for the game (juste for the nav menu)

My engine is for the purist of RPG

Regards :)

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