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How to make a menu bar ?



Hai hai, 


How can i make a menu bar ?


I mean, default menu is separated by multiple squares based on a 42x42 format and i don't want that. 

I would like to add a background bar under game icons for the aesthetic of my menu.


My menubar :



Tried to search a specific option on InGame.xml but i only touched Hotbar and InventoryContainer just to see what it does...

Do you have any options for me ? :)

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Hello faller-magie !

What you call "menu bar" is actualy called a hotbar.


In order to change it you'll have to modify 2 things :

  • hotbar.png : change this image with your own "menubar" image.
  • InGame.xml : you will have to change some values in there to match your new image size. First, find <HotbarWindow> tag and change the <Bounds> attributes. Then do the same for every <HotbarContainerX> within the <Children> tag.

A little reminder : <Bounds>posX, posY, sizeX, sizeY</Bounds>


You also might want to remove every HotbarContainer's border to match your graphics. To do so, simply change hotbaritem.png (fully transparent).

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Well you can change whatever UI component the exact same way you did with the hotbar : replace the current graphic, and modify the appropriated XML document (there is two XML documents, one for the InGame UI, and a second one for the MainMenu).

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