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So i just opened up the source to my game development library in the making , Salem-GDK. It's developed in C++ using OpenGL. All Salem-GDK tools, engines and software are to be open sourced and licensed under MIT. Salem-GDK is still in very early development but is starting to take shape. I'm not making a project post because of how early in development it is, but I'm looking to start community driven development so anyone can come in and take up an issue. I'm using discord to manage the community and development behind this framework. If anyone is interested in learning more or joining the project, this is the link to my discord; https://discord.gg/0wtBMrHuLTjsfsoH

The project is more advanced and is working with 3D game development. So fair warning on the complexity and target audience.


Community Driven Development is cool and i wanna work with more people so if you got free hands and want to get in on a cool project.... B)

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