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Transparent Rooftops when entering buildings ?



Hello :)

So I was thinking of having buildings etc in the overworld, rather than teleport to maps.
It's much better and smoother I think.

So is there a way to have the rooftops of a building go transparent or disappear when entering?
Then going back to normal when exiting?

If not an option would be nice, maybe the rooftop could be set as an object or somehow linked together to be placed?
So the whole ceiling is removed when we enter...

But maybe only what we set?
So if we had a building for example with 10 rooms.
I'd want 10 separate ceilings, each to remove when we enter just that building?

Or even having a "line of sight" would be pretty awesome :D

I've got a pretty cool idea I'm wanting to work on and a line of sight and/or the ability to remove the rooftops of buildings is essential :D

Many Thanks,

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I don't think that's completely impossible to do as of right now but you would have to do it in such a convoluted and counter-intuitive way that it wouldn't be worth it ... like a loop with a static animation of your rooftop which disappear when entering the building. Something along those lines.


Better wait for source pal, and work on laying foundations for you game, like the rest of us :3_grin:

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