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Beefy Kasplant

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I am not that great with words in English, but I just wanted to say that This alpha stage has gotten me really excited for the future of this community. Apart from the great work that Damian is doing on Orion we could finally see some part of Intersect in action and if these editors are any indication of the overall quality of the engine I feel it's safe to say that this is going to be the engine that I've been hoping for since I found out about Elysium Diamond almost 10(!) years ago.

Having said this about the features I wanted to express my gratitude for the real reason why I know that this engine will succeed, and this is something that really became clear during the Alpha stage. It's the amount of effort Jc has put into the bug fixing. Every thread has a reply saying the issue has been fixed and this fills my heart with joy. It's clear that you guys have put your heart and soul into this engine and you want it to succeed just as bad as the community.

Of course I've been talking about Jc mostly because he has been on the foreground for most of the time but assume that this post is aimed at everyone involved in developing Intersect. So to all of you: Thank you for this amazing engine and keep up the good work!

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