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Story [untilted-game] Treaty of Four Points - Prelude

Aon Reo

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This story takes place about 870 years before the time setting for the game. Touches on a time period called the "Age of Active Signs." Hope everyone enjoys! Be easy on the feels.



To begin to understand the treaty first I must educate you on dates and times, rather dry but undeniably necessary to the informed adventurer. In historical description you will often see years followed by two modifiers AAS and PD. Before the Seven Runes were sealed all time is dated in AAS: Age of Active Signs and following their sealing, encryption, and disappearance a new era began, 00 PD: Post Destruction.


The treaty of four points was signed into affect in 500 PD, many years after the Sealing. The world was thrown into chaos enduring years after the Signs had ravaged the land. This is not how it should have been, but never the less how it turned out. Cities burned, man battled beast for survival, and harsh climates showed merciless brutality wiping tribes from existence.


Pockets of magic blistered the lands uprooting and sculpting landscapes. Divination or destruction, none knew which would come when a pocket burst. Life and limb shaped around the epicenters. Some were instilled with great magical powers and others deformed and cursed into wild beasts giving birth to new dangers and powers.


You must understand this chaos was not without cause. The sealing, which was chosen when all else failed, required repercussions. The world was filled with magic and the magic flowed through each of the Seven Runes. The seventh representing the darkness and evil in all beings hearts. Life was balanced as it is and always will be. A great mage, who has been called many names, but we shall call the King of Darkness delved deep into the catastrophic practices the Seventh Rune emanated.


It cannot be denied that he was a master of magic. Where others failed, deluded by mysteries, the King of Darkness made strides so large he overshadowed teachers knowledge as if they were children. What brought him to the Seventh Rune remains unknown, but many speculate the temptation was to great. Too many secrets lay unrevealed, too much power untouched. The echoes of the unknown tantalizing. In 1762 AAS he gave his inauguration speech as Lord Mage of the Known Realm. In its brevity he shattered the world.


“The darkness which is forbidden lay the pathway to my enlightenment. The price will be paid in blood and ash. This act marks an end but not the end. What I do has never been done. The ultimate quest will be undertook. My fellow colleagues: will darkness blot the light?”


- The King of Darkness 1726 AAS


After the ominous words were spoken the King of Darkness vanished from the podium, in that form he was never seen again. The next morning all 17 kings and queens, all ruling bodies of the known realm were found burned alive as they slept.


That dark night eventually led to the rune cores, the Seven Runes, great monuments scattered throughout the physical world to be sealed. 1897 AAS, 00 PD. Sealing the catalysts of pure magic which pulsed throughout the world caused great imbalance. And so for five hundred years the world was plunged into chaos.



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