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Converting to XML


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This is the way an items stats are currently saved:

For i = 0 To Stats.StatCount - 1
    FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).AddStat(i))

I am trying set this up to to convert to xml:

For i = 0 To Stats.StatCount - 1
    itemData.AddStat(i) = Item(itemNum).AddStat(i)

This is throwing a null exception and I'm not sure how to set this to work.  I already have my serializer/deserializer set to handle the stuff that needs to be saved.

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Okay, here is everything for the SaveItem sub.  First is how it is currently done in the engine:

Dim filename As String
        Dim F As Long
        filename = Application.StartupPath & "\DataFiles\items\item" & itemNum & ".dat"
        F = FreeFile()
        FileOpen(F, filename, OpenMode.Binary, OpenAccess.Write, OpenShare.Default)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Name)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Pic)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Type)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Data1)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Data2)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Data3)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).ClassReq)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).AccessReq)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).LevelReq)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Mastery)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Price)
        For i = 0 To Stats.StatCount - 1
            FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).AddStat(i))
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Rarity)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Speed)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Handed)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).BindType)
        For i = 0 To Stats.StatCount - 1
            FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).StatReq(i))
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Animation)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Paperdoll)
        FilePutObject(F, Item(itemNum).Stackable)

Now, I am wanting to change that section to use my serializer:

Dim itemData As Types.ItemRec = New Types.ItemRec
        itemData.Name = Item(itemNum).Name
        itemData.Pic = Item(itemNum).Pic
        itemData.Type = Item(itemNum).Type
        itemData.Data1 = Item(itemNum).Data1
        itemData.Data2 = Item(itemNum).Data2
        itemData.Data3 = Item(itemNum).Data3
        itemData.ClassReq = Item(itemNum).ClassReq
        itemData.AccessReq = Item(itemNum).AccessReq
        itemData.LevelReq = Item(itemNum).LevelReq
        itemData.Mastery = Item(itemNum).Mastery
        itemData.Price = Item(itemNum).Price
        For i = 0 To Stats.StatCount - 1
            itemData.AddStat(i) = Item(itemNum).AddStat(i)
        itemData.Rarity = Item(itemNum).Rarity
        itemData.Speed = Item(itemNum).Speed
        itemData.Handed = Item(itemNum).Handed
        itemData.BindType = Item(itemNum).BindType
        For i = 0 To Stats.StatCount - 1
            itemData.StatReq(i) = Item(itemNum).StatReq(i)
        itemData.Animation = Item(itemNum).Animation
        itemData.Paperdoll = Item(itemNum).Paperdoll
        itemData.Stackable = Item(itemNum).Stackable
        Dim filePath As String = Application.StartupPath & "\DataFiles\items\item" & itemNum & ".ori"
        ModObjectSerializer.SerializeObject(filePath, itemData)

When it hits the first For loop it comes up with the error.  Until it hits that everything else is going fine from what I can tell.  Since I deleted all of my items there is nothing in the folder.  I'm also changing the extension from .dat to .ori so that eventually I can assign these to open in an external editor.

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