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Removing tmpPanels


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Before I jack up my whole VSO project again, I am trying to remove the tmpItem and tmpBank panels, and just draw straight to the screen.  Right now the following code is allowing me to still change slots, but it is not drawing the item while I am moving them:

Public Sub DrawInventoryItem(ByVal locX As Long, ByVal locY As Long)
        Dim rec As Rectangle, recPos As Rectangle
        Dim itemnum As Long, itempic As Long

        itemnum = GetPlayerInvItemNum(MyIndex, DragInvSlotNum)

        'TmpItemWindow.Clear() 'ToSFMLColor(frmMainGame.pnlTmpInv.BackColor))
        If itemnum > 0 And itemnum <= MaxItems Then
            itempic = Item(itemnum).Pic
            If itempic = 0 Then Exit Sub

            With rec
                .Y = 0
                .Height = PIC_Y
                .X = 0 'ItemsGFXInfo(itempic).width ' / 2
                .Width = PIC_X
            End With

            With recPos
                .Y = 0
                .Height = PIC_Y
                .X = 0
                .Width = PIC_X
            End With

            ItemIcons(itempic).DrawControl(GameWindow, recPos.X, recPos.Y)

            'With frmMainGame.pnlTmpInv
            '    .Top = locY - 16
            '    .Left = locX - 16
            '    .Visible = True
            '    .BringToFront()
            'End With

        End If

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