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Java Minecraft 1.8.x Plugin Name: Too Many Admins (TMA)

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Hello there friends! For the past few months, I have been working on and off on my new project. I have done my work with Java, and I have made mods, and now, a multiplayer, functioning, clean-code, lag-proof plugin, for all of 1.8 minecraft users! I am very proud of this plugin, and the plugin implements:

1. Full-Fledged ChatBot. Works like: You ask something like, "how do I get moneyy" (Error intentional). And guess what! The chat bot will answer with: "(Player's Name), you can get money by ...."!


2. AntiGreif: Bans blocks from being places


3. AFK Kicking System: After being afk for (SET) time, you are kicked.


4. Admin Broadcasting: Using the command, and a preset number (1-4), will broadcast a set message!


5. InGame Console: A console ingame, that allows the console to be used in a book! What is in the Console, you see it! (Code from the Public, Edited HEAVILY)


6. Advanced Teleportation(TravelPad-Master): Sick of typing tons of commands to get to others? Then just type 1 command to made a little piece of enchanted carpet(TravelPad), and you will get a temporary book that allows you to see who allows incoming teleports from you, click it, and you will be teleported there! But it works vise versa, so be careful of who you choose! (Code from the Public, Edited Heavily)


7. 20+ Commands, all the way from basic Kicking, to private messaging, to Flight, to EXP Edit, and more!!


8.Over 3000 Lines of code!

8 1/2. Compatible with Bukkit 1.8.x, and Spigot!


9. Source Code all written by yours truly!


10. FREE!!

So contact me to get the v1.1.4.3 version of the plugin for your server!


Please note that I DO need advanced Java programmers' help, to help me, and everyone make a marvelous plugin, for the world to have! Email me at: bachever8@gmail.com for a copy, or to offer help, or just message me on this very website, by commenting or PMing me! Good day!


Note: Download in comments.


EDIT: Please note that I will not be told of plagiarism, as I do not steal work. Should you get a copy, you are not to try to open the source files, or code. Or take credit for any of my work. This is my work, that I worked my butt off for, and I am not giving anyone to redistribute it as their work, or say it is their work.

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Thanks! I hope that you could either help me develop it, or download it! I will make the JAR file for anyone who wants it, but I wish to customize it for all experiences, as of for people who help me develop it!

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Meh, I doubt anyone will download/help, I just wanted to put it out there, however help/downloads will make my day


Update!! New Version: v1.1.5.3

Hot Fixes:

-Removed All Errors


Additions: New  {TMA DropZones} Addon (Remember, TMA is an abbreviation for Too Many Admins, which is the Plugin Name. Remember that for now on, I will not remind again.). The new {TMA DropZones} Addon to the Plugin, allows a 1-6.5% chance to spawn a crate anywhere on the surface of the world, with a number of items, where you can choose 1 item to take, then the chest despawns... but take hate when nearing a crate, as there is a 10% chance for it to explode, damaging the crate, and you (Not the terrain)!


Want some additions? Comment! And please remember to read the ending of the original post!!


Update: 6:00 PM- Corrupt Class Path: Admin Broadcasting


-Removed Admin Broadcasting

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