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  1. Toast

    Thyranor Awakening

    (I was told the link didn't work for someone, so just in case I'm re-posting the discord link!) https://discord.gg/mJ7J3R8 Thank you to everyone who joins
  2. Toast

    More Weapon Questions!

    Hi, it's me again.. Back with more dumb questions! This time I'm here to ask whether or not there are specific angles I need to make my weapons so that they register correctly in the game. What I have now is mostly a placeholder so I can get an idea of what it might look like, so essentially just ignore the sword that's there.
  3. Toast

    Paperdoll and Weapon Confusion

    Thank you so very much! I made the boyfriend explain everything so it made sense, but i'm so glad it'll work out
  4. I'm new to using Intersect, so I don't know much about it yet, nor do I know how to figure these things out. I've been pixeling for my game and I came across a potential problem with an outfit I made and any weapons that may be used with it in the future. I want to make a sword to go with a robe, but on a few of the sprite frames I've noticed that the robe should be in front of any item the character is holding. So far, this is the only outfit that would give me this situation. I'm not sure if I should be pixeling the sword to fit the specific outfit and have it look wrong with any regular outfits, or have it pixeled to fit the regular outfits and potentially have part of the sword covering the robe. The sprite with the arrow pointing toward it is the one that'll have a problem with weapons potentially overlaying the cloak part of the robe. https://imgur.com/a/HdzzAPp (Sorry if this doesn't show up, I have no idea how to post images here..) Please feel free to explain like I'm a complete idiot! I obviously don't understand things like this very well-- I'm just an artist I don't know how to run the game