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  1. Project goes back on hold due to needed source edits.

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    2. Draken


      Simple faction system, and a way to rename the word Spells to the word skills since most of my projects uses skill attacks instead of spells at all,magic just doesnt exists in the world.


      And by simple faction system I mean, you can say make a faction called Police, I want players who are not in the Police faction to be attacked on sight by police NPCS where if they are in the police faction they will not.


      I mean it's halfway already, it has the npc vs npc system in it already just need to make it so a player can be part of some npcs team and not others.


      Then I need to also figure out the proper way to use projectliles to make a gun which I think is just me screwing up in editor XD.

    3. jcsnider


      You can edit the client/editor/server language files to replace spells with skills. 


      Post source release you can easily add factions. I recommend that you press forward and just keep an excel sheet of which npcs need to be set to which faction when that feature becomes available. Don't go full halt on us :)

    4. Draken


      well with the experience I've had in the pass anytime I would update my game source edits after I already mapped / created most content would give me issues. IDK its just my personal way to game dev. Do source codes, Do graphics, Do other stuff. Source always comes first and always should to pervent mess ups later.