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  1. I see, Meanwhile, I've read about the possibilty to change the source code, but I noticed there is not enough instructions about it. When you fork the projects, you have a bunch of folders everywhere and you are confused about where you got to do your changes. Even though, I know C# pretty well ( did Unity ) and have some basic experience on networking, I have no idea how to add any wanted content. Like how I need to communicate data between server and client. Is there any guide or tutorial available for that. It could help guild people through the source code.
  2. That sounds great, I will look into how the eventing system works. I have this other idea, where I want to create a bounty system. So players can track other players for rewards or money. I also want to make a board (UI) where the player can view all possible bounties. Can the event system also do that? By the way is it possible to show on somewhere the value of player_reputation. Thank you so much. Of course I am currently going through the tutorials and guides, but I can't help, but think about how I could do this and this in the same time.
  3. Hello there, I just discovered Intersect and my mind is blowing up. I am so happy I've found out about this engine. I can now make my dream game. MMORPG has always been so difficult to make, because of the difficulty of networking, but also because they are so much tiny little things you need to take care of. You don't just code features one time, but 2 times, client-side and server-side. Syncing everything together and not forgetting some bytes is so exhausting that I've gived up into making my dream game. Until I discover Intersect engine. I now have hope to make my dream game. I've downloaded it and I am already at work playing with it. I am really grateful, thankful to the developpers who made such an amazing engine for FREE. I usually never pay money for thing related to developpement, because if I give up for any reason, it's wasted money and I know it. I really wish a long continuation and I appreciate a lot the effort of the developpers. You guys have done a great work. Thank you.
  4. I want to add a reputation system. ( villain, to hero) But I don't know where I can script.
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