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  1. Gotcha. Thanks for your reply. Waiting it is then
  2. Hey guys, I am trying to create an abilities system where you gain ability by reading a tome for example. However I found myself duplicating A LOT of work needlessly but I can't think of something different to do to minimize this. So basically let's say I have melee, ranged, magic, crafting, etc... skills and each skill needs a tome to be bought to learn that skill. I created a switch for each one of them to identify whether the player learned it or not (if learned they don't learn it again). But then I had to create an even for each one so it says text related to the tome used. Is there a way to do this similar to the code: UseTome(SkillType _type) { //Type whatever text pulled from _type information. } Basically just a generic event that I feed something to based on the item used and that would just then act accordingly?
  3. You guys have been making quite great progress and nearing final release that I am getting both excited and hyped by the minute! Well done guys!
  4. Hello guys, I am trying to create a spell using the "Event" type rather the built in ones. However, it seems the events don't have any actions that allows to me reference what the player is targeting and asses whether it is a viable target or not. In a nutshell what I am trying to do is create a tame spell. You select an NPC in the game and based on which NPC you are selecting you are able to charm that NPC or not. For example, you can charm a rabbit, but you can't charm the town's elder or another player. Any ideas how can I go about doing this?
  5. Ah, yes, that is more logical since "Ground" would be the grass or the pavement or whatever below the base. Gotcha! Thanks for spotting that out!
  6. Good explanation. I have been thinking that all layers can be drawn on top of each other with no respect to the player's position. But now effectively this works the same as RPG Maker MV. You have 3 layers below the player and 2 above. To give an example, if I am to put a lamp post in my map (which consists of 4 parts, base, lower column, upper column, lamp hanging from the upper column). I would draw the bottom part of the lamp (in other words its base) on "Ground" layer. Next in "Mask 1" I would add the lower column. After that the upper columns goes on "Fringe 1" and finally the lamp itself would go on "Finge 2". That way lower half of the lamp appears below me and the upper half appears above me? Thank you for the tutorial it really helped clear up things
  7. Looks really amazing and I like the way it can be setup to be more gradual or less so. Excellent work guys -- oh and cute tileset you have there. The "Free Stuff NPC" looks like he is on fire though
  8. @jcsnider Interesting, thanks a lot for your explanations, really spot on! If I am not mistaken when you say Ability Power, you mean Mana Power? Unless you guys changed it. If I am not mistaken all the formulas are hard coded into the source and can't be changed until release? Again, thanks a lot!
  9. Bump, I am still looking for answers to some of the above questions, if anyone can help out! Thanks in advance!
  10. If spells don't scale with any stat, what does Magic do? Or is that something planned to be fixed?
  11. Hmm... does that mean in the events system we currently have, we can use $playername$ and it will show up? Or did I just understand this wrong?
  12. Hey, 1- In Intersect events I noticed that all conditions are positive and NOT negative. For example there is a condition called "Class is" what I want to use is "Class is NOT". There is also "Has Spell" I want to use "Doesn't Have Spell". How can I have negative conditions? 2- Variables and switches (player ones) don't have a default value. In the Switches/Variables Editor, I can create a variable say "Test" but I can't assign a default value to it (true or false) so what is the default value (my guess is false but I want to make sure)? How can I change the default starting value? Same with Variables, I can't assign a value to them. I'd like to have something along the lines of variable "Skill Level" (think of Elder Scrolls type of skill levels) and do a check on it. The only way I saw this is in Global Variables and Switches (which I believe belong to the ENTIRE game rather than a specific player). I want to do this for each player. 3- Is there a possibility to have string based variables? So the variable would hold a string instead of a number? 4- In the class editor that are several attributes: Strength Mana Points Movement Speed I am guessing Str = damage, but does this affect something else? Mana = spell damage, but does this affect something else? Points = ???? I don't know Movement Speed = how fast you move, does this affect attack speed too? Thank you very much in advance.
  13. I like the road map and how clear it is. Can't wait to see Intersect move through the version :). I would also add in the ability to use names in messages in events the ability to use embedded variables similar to RPG Maker and C# strings. For example I would have a message that says: "Ah, hi there, [playerName]! I see you've collected [numberofItems] x [firstAssignmentItem]s, well done. But you need [totalNumberItemsNeeded - numberOfItems], come back when you got everything!". Would be even nice if we can add different colors to each of those. But I am getting ahead of myself, sorry.
  14. Ah, that was to be my second question, formulas, glad you mentioned it. Looking forward to that ability being included. Thank you very much!
  15. Ah, I see. Well I hope a config would be added either way, it would be much easier than hunting down values in the code. Thank you very much for the clarification.
  16. Hello, Working on the editor, I wanted to change some of the names in the game; Magic, Armor, Strength, Spells, etc... I am thinking of a more Sci-Fi/modern themed (although this is flexible and might change) theme and would like to change these values to a more appropriate ones (even if I go with the default fantasy names, I'll need to change some of them and possibly add/remove some). I tried to tamper with the Config.XML file in the Server and Client/Editor folders but all I could find is changing the basic tools (Fishing Rod, Axe, etc...). Is this possible or is this something out of our reach? Thank you very much in advance.
  17. Hats off! Thank you very much for your help and assistance. This is spot on!
  18. 2- Gotcha, that helps a lot with the UI problem since it provides more view that way. 4- Glad to see you are going to make a Roadmap. Just as a suggestion, you could put it up on Trello if you so wish and people can access it as viewers only (I have seen it done once before). As for the tiles and layers. I am used to setting up collisions manually when I used TilED with Unity. Stupid question however, how do I setup collisions in Intersect? That video is great, thank you very much! Explains everything perfectly! I am guessing all these tiles are 48x48? Or is the default 32x32?
  19. First, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions! 2- So the resolution of the game is tied with the UI changes? (I realized my question might be confusing with just saying "window"). 4- Glad to hear that, may I ask when will the source be released? If no specific date, where is it in the roadmap? 5- Well that is actually great news, I think that simplifies things a lot and I believe as you mentioned with common events that should be OK as a start. One more question if I may: I believe if I want to use custom tiles, changing the tiles currently available in the "tileset" folder in the resources would reflect in the editor. If I am not mistaken, do they follow the same ruleset as RPG Maker? For example, to use Autotiling the sprites per tilesheet should be put in a specific order and made in a specific way, correct? Does Intersect have the same limitation of which sprite/object is placed on which layer as in RPG Maker? Or can I put any tile on any layer without fear?
  20. Hi, I came across you engine a while back and have been following its development for sometime. Have to say you've done an amazing job so far, I am strongly leaning towards the engine more than the other options in front of me for what I want to do. However, since there aren't any tutorials around,I am trying to figure things as I go. This resulted in a few questions coming up as I use the engine: 1- Are we able to customize the UI? Is that an upcoming feature or something that is currently integrated (the patch notes said there was a UI redesign done and more to come so I am unsure of the correct status)? 2- How can we edit the size of the window? UI sizes, etc...? 3- There is a problem where the player spawns by default at the top left of the screen (I am guessing that is 0, 0 position) and the player is directly behind the HP/MP UI and you can't see him, is there a way to have the "camera" center on the player? 4- I come from Unity and I have learned to use C# to make a few small games in it. I am not the best coder (or a good one even) but since the engine is made using Monogame (and I believe Unity is based on that too), would I be able to use coding for doing specific tasks? 5- I am trying to create a classless system with weapon based skill system. For example if you use a sword you can access sword based abilities, if you use a shield you would access shield based abilities. However, if you equip both you can choose from both skill lines. When player switch between classes, does he still keep the spells he learned from a previous classes? If not, how can that be achieved? I have also thought about abandoning the class system entirely and make all skills spells and spells would require the weapon and a certain level in that specific skill line. Each "skill level" is a common event to activate that skill level spells but it feels too messy. Is there another way to do it? Or is that the only way? Thank you very much in advance!
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