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  1. Hey I noticed you also checked out the sa2 remake project. I also played back in the day. Cool to see people that still care about the game after all this time.

  2. Hey if you're still working on this I would love to help. I played this game back in the day and have a little knowledge of the game. Though it has been a while. My skills are in web development. I'm a pretty mediocre programmer. I've dabbled very little in Unity. My availability is pretty open thursdays - sundays. I'm currently interning only three days a week but that may change. I don't know if I'd really ever consider myself a dev. I played a lot of these fan made mmos back in the day and currently have SMO another one on my computer with the server and everything and have had experience making maps with these types of games. I've also dabbled in RPG maker MV. I'm not sure if that counts though as dev work lol. Feel free to email me at gamerjinks@gmail.com. I'm not sure if I'll remember to check this very often but I'll try to check that email every day to see if you reply. Really cool to see someone else who misses this game and is willing to bring it back and I would love to help make the progress faster in any way I can.
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