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  1. Thank you @panda, that answers my question. My ultimate goal was to reproduce the result I see in your release structure so I'll get to work on a script that does that.
  2. Hello all, Is there a straight forward way to compile the source into a similar structure as the final release that we can download from here? https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/downloads/ When building in Visual Studio 2019, it is all dumped into the "debug" folder with all the extra debugging resources. I'd like to be able to simply build a "release" build instead so that I don't have to pick out the files manually. Thanks, again!
  3. Thank you for the clarifications @panda! I'll dig into those resources.
  4. Howdy folks! Just digging into this. Hoping to design a game with my kids to help them understand story and game development.
  5. Hello, Just getting started but, I had some questions, out of curiosity before I get too deep. Many of my friends use macOS or prefer to play on a tablet. Is there a way to host the client in the browser or distribute it to different operating systems? And if not, is this on the roadmap somewhere in the future? Second, is it possible to customize the client? For example, if I name my game "Super Dungeon Crawler" could I generate a client executable named something like superdungeoncrawler.exe and rebrand or customize the server name, login, and interface? I notice that when a player joins the console/chat logs that "Player x has joined Intersect" but, I'd like everything about the game to be in the context of my game's name and theme. Thanks again!
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