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Need Help C++ Developer


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Name: Project TSR


Current Progress: Its an very old mmorpg game which works great at the moment. The project just needs some tweaks.

Project created by other developers. I've got the files from them. I want to finish the project and release it.

Mostly client sided game builded on C++. I have the client files, server files and source of server side but not source of the client side. Game works well in localserver. I need someone can add things, edit things in the game. Game files mostly packed so we need unscripter or some kind of unpacker. I have everything to give a start.



Current Staff: Only me. (Sometimes I get outsource help)


If you are;

  • experienced in game modding.
  • fluent in english
  • experienced in C++
  • living in gmt+3 or near timezone (if you can catch up no problem)
  • got enough time to WASTE on this project


contact with me.


Project isnt funded so there wont be any payment until game released. After the release there will be a decent budget for sure.


Discord: Ismlorer#9887

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