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Whats the best way for me to do changing ride heights for my racing game?



working on the unthinkable, a racing game in a 2d mmorpg engine and i've currently hit a bit of a slump, trying to figure the most effective/efficient way to lower the vehicle's height as the methods i've thinked of or tried seemed like way too much effort or too tedious for what it is




ignore the different colors for now, as you can see i have the body of the car (which is the main entity sprite) and to change the height im doing a conidtional branch if you the specific car color and body as well as coiloverkit stage 1 installed, it changes the sprite to the one of that body and color being lowered.





Now there's other stuff thats paperdoll'd over the car like lights, panels , body kits etc , lowering the body itself means everything else also has to be lowered to match it and the way im combatting that is having a conditional branch similar to that of the body except theres an item for every color (theres 23 different colors for panels, body kits and the car itself) as well as every lowering stages to match the body, so lets say the body of the car has 3 different height stages , for each item theres a common event for each lowering stage and the 23 pages will be the different colors just doing a conditional branch check if you have x color and x stage then it takes the item you currently have equipped and gives you the one to match the body of the car. does that make sense?

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forgot to show image of event processing
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