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Changing from 4 directions to 2



Hey guys, I’d like to some help figuring out what in the source I would need to change to switch from the normal 4 direction characters to a less traditional 2 directions? I have some experience with programming on a small scale, unity, GMS,   Godot, in these platforms I’d handle it directly based on the player input but with an engine like this a project so big I’m a little lost as to where I need to make the changes and if it’s as simple as changing it in just one spot even. 

to explain a little better the characters I use simply have left and right animations, not the usual 4 directions, in the best of worlds id want to not mess with much as to keep the 4 direction functionality there for things like hit boxes and collisions of course, and just change the actual drawing of the sprites. Any ideas?

The simple unobtrusive way won’t work because I can’t just replace the extra directions with a copy of the left and right because that would lock those sprites to that direction, left for up and right for down and vice versa. 

I appreciate any help, advice, or tips in advance! 

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