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Need Help Looking For Developers


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Hello, I go by many names but you can call me Incognito. I am recruiting members to build a more stable and active development team.

Game Description:
Join us and find yourself immersed in modern city life using your custom character. Fight using all kinds of guns and knifes, Host parties in your house with your friends, Go on heist to gain expensive loot or some cash. This 2D adventure pits you against the ruthless gangs that run the streets and trying to take over their enemy territories and invade their hideouts. Few can survive the challenge: are you up to it?

Game Idea:
we are going for a gtav rp server type game play we plan on having player houses player own businesses gangs dealing drugs and taking over each other bases win gang rewards test your skills in 1v1 2v2 3v3 and gang spar matches gain money from various jobs like heist mugging robbing stores etc yes much like gta its a game filled with crime 

Current Positions Open:

Graphics Designer 2 of 3
Core Programmer (Core Engine Modifications) 0 of 1
Plugin Programmer 1 of 2
Map Designer 2 of 5

Contact us:

Server: https://discord.gg/DkgurXWfta
Discord: Incognito#6665

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