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Hey, I have a question



8b562dbb6c132e38250fdf9bd7dea18a.png what is the attack for and what is the attack with the borni because you know that the attack does not work, only the weapon attack works so you don't need this attack xd


and one more question is it possible to make a nicer gui [Sablony] in the clan gui for each player

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I'm not sure for the language but,


The first line is for the attack damage of the weapon, let's say it's  100, (and admiting there is no defense on the ennemy) you will do 100 damage.


The attack line is  bonus given to the player on his stat "Attack", it you give let's say 500, and the player already have 100, he will get 600, and if you put a % bonus (Like 60%) it will be 600+60% of 600 = 360. Total of 600 + 360 = 960 Attack.


Also, each weapon/spell have a "scaling" stats. let's say you choose Attack for the scaling stats and put it to 10%, player will do : 

100+ 96(10% of 960 attack) = 196 damage.

If you choosed 100 of the scaling, player would have done 1060 damage.


I advice you to do some math to balance your game correctly !


(I don't know for the second question)

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