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How to do Death & PvP Penalties and Rewards please?



Hi there :)

I was wondering how I would go about adding in PvP penalty and rewards as well as the following stuff please?

1) Moral System - when a player 'attacks' another player I want to have their name turn say 'Red' which means they'll be a free target for other players.
While red they can be attacked without penalty (attacker wont turn red)
If possible would also be nice to have drop on death x2 - currently it's 25% for normal players.

2) Jail System if possible? If a player name is 'Red' when killed? Send them to jail for X Time.
X time would be a variable that would be say 'Jail Time' which could be X minutes per person they've killed.
Default 5 minutes jail time for just being 'Red'. +5 mins per PvP kill as just an example?

3) PvP death penalty - as above if you die 'Red' I'd like red players to drop double what normal players would.

Also is there a way to have a set % of exp loss on death please? Say 25-30% loss for normal players, 50% loss for Red players?

I'd also want it so that a PKer can gain EXP from their victim.
Let's say by default a player can lose 25-30% of their EXP.
I'd like the PKer to get 10-15% of that exp for example?

Only applied to current EXP collected so far for that level.

Not sure how much if any of this is possible using Events?
Or if it's a source code job.

But any help / direction would be really appreciated please.

Many Thanks.

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