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Unconnected Map Fades



I took a look at Xeno's event fading, which works for various things, but in regards to warping to maps, it would be a nightmare to implement. I want to implement a basic fade(using Fade.cs[Fade.FadeIn , Fade.FadeOut]) to make a smooth transition between ONLY Unconnected maps. I'm assuming I'll need to edit this bit of code(though I'm probably wrong), but I'm unsure how to make it only with unconnected maps.

public override Guid CurrentMap
            get => base.CurrentMap;
                if (value != base.CurrentMap)
                    var oldMap = MapInstance.Get(base.CurrentMap);
                    var newMap = MapInstance.Get(value);
                    base.CurrentMap = value;
                    if (Globals.Me == this)
                        if (MapInstance.Get(Globals.Me.CurrentMap) != null)
                            Audio.PlayMusic(MapInstance.Get(Globals.Me.CurrentMap).Music, 3, 3, true);

                        if (newMap != null && oldMap != null)


Any help is much appreciated!

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