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Need Help [PAID] LF Help! CMS-API setup, Auto-Updater, and MORE


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Hello There!


I have been developing BitScape Crusade for the past 3 years in my spare time. I have done everything through the Intersect Engine and have upgraded verions over the years (Kudos to the Intersect team!). The game is nearing the stage for public launch and I really want to have some things in place beforehand. I recently paid for hosting on HostKoala since I saw JC and some other devs recommend it (Pricing and CPanel is hard to beat from what I've seen). Up until this stage I have hosted the game server and everything else locally on one of my personal pcs, and I am ready to use HostKoala to set up some other things but I don't have the know how.

Here are the things I need done on HostKoala:

-CMS-API Website linked to Game DB's

-Auto Updater

I just need someone to help me do the initial setup and show me how to manage it correctly and I can make all the changes needed visually etc.

***I tried for 2 days setting up CMS on my personal PC with XAMPP and Laragon and kept getting different errors. That is why I have decided to go the HostKoala route



Additionally I am also looking to have some other systems implemented into BitScape:
-Mini Map


-Player Housing

If you are experienced with any of these things and are willing to help and get paid for it please contact me! (Insane Pricing will be ignored - Let's be realistic xD)

Thanks so much!!




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