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Editing spells in the source



Hi there,


I'm interested in tinkering around with code in the source relating to spells. However, I unsure what files to access.


I downloaded the source and loaded the Intersect.sln file into Visual Studio. Should I look at editing the Projectile.cs and ProjectileSpawn.cs ? I am wanting to editing where the projectile spawns, make projectile hit 3 squares etc and play with different casting animations.


I am new to coding and visual studio, so sorry for the newbie question. if you have resources to learn more pls let me know


Thank you!

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It depends on what you want to do, in the case of projectiles part of the logic of collisions and spawns is handled on the server, specifically, in entities-> projectiles.cs, you must also take into account the client's projectiles.cs depending on your changes.

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I made changes the two files, compile and it came back with 540 errors. but it related to namespace System

"Error    CS0246    The type or namespace name 'System' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) "

"Error    CS0518    Predefined type 'System.Object' is not defined or imported"

I thought that System namespace included in .NET framwork? I have 4.6.1 SDK




EDIT: ok i right-click Solution and do NuGet packages, do the Build -> Clean Solution, and restart Visual Studio and i think its compile. The complile output is in the directory named "build" yes?

EDIT: one more edit, sorry. ok i see "build" folder hold the compiled output. I made work the projectile displacement by changing the X Y variables in the ProjectileSpawns.cs of the Intersect.Client. I will have fun wih this and try to contribute fun things.

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